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Developing a Safety Culture
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Special Offers
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ARM Free Training
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Enhanced Driver Training Cuts Accident Costs 
Drivers With Attitude Shown Road to New Habits 
Good Work Safety Is No Accident
The Right Attitude
PaQS Safety Program Packs Personalised Punch
Accidents Waiting To Happen
Work Accidents Cost Hunter $79m A Year
Identify the Attitude ~ Reduce The Risk
BHP Training Reduces Injuries 58% 
Trainees Learn to 'Tolerate' Stress
Evaluating the Effectiveness of Strategies for Preventing Work Injuries
The Use of Cultural and Behavioural Change Systems
A Best Practice Process For Fleet Safety Training
Making Wellness Programs Work
Sydney 07 Show Paper
Upcoming Course Dates
Research & Results
ASQA Research
Concrete Improvement in Safety Attitudes and Reduction in Injuries
City Council Pilot Increases ASA 52%
Management Developing Safety Attitudes
Safety Attitudes Develop Underground
Special Report: Safety Attitude Development Program
Long Term Unemployed Develop Safety Attitudes
Risk Avoidance Improves by 149%
ARM Research
University of Southern Queensland (PDF -74KB)
Independent Consultants (PDF - 46KB)
Accidents & Incidents In Relation To ARM Scores
Attitude and Safe Driving Behavior
Safety Control Attitudes Predict Accidents
83% of Accidents Predicted at Manufacturing Firm
92% of Injuries Predicted at Manufacturing Firm
Management Developing Safety Attitudes
Lower Accidents with Higher Safety Attitudes
Quality Issues Effect Safety
Lower A.S.A. = More Lost Time Injuries
Pilot Program Reduces Disabling Injuries by 90%
100% Equipment Damage Predicted
100% Vehicle Damage Predicted
100% Hours Lost Predicted
92% of MTI's Predicted
86% Identified Hazards Predicted
Lower ASA = Higher Accident Frequency
Lower ASA = More Frequent Injuries!
Higher ASA Reduces Incident Frequency
Personnel absentee rates drop 28%
Lost Time Injuries Due To Accidents
Professional Drivers Have Safety Attitude
Developing Attitudes In Road Transport
Accidents & Workers' Compensation
Attitude Saves Fuel
High Risk Employees Drive Expenses Up
ARM Scores to Driving Accidents and Related Costs
ARM-Q & Management Employment Ratings Agree
72% Vehicle Accidents Predicted
82% Lost Time Injuries Predicted
61% Accidents Predicted
81% Workers' Compensation Days Predicted
Measuring Safety Attitudes
Unsafe Attitudes Predict Injuries
Attitudinal Safety Awareness & Use Of Sick Leave
PaQS Accociates
AW Workwise
Baseline Training & Consulting
Barsky Consulting
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