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Carl Reams
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Safety Culture Psychologist PaQS Consultancy Team
Donna Reams more information Director Administration and Finance
Professor Gerard Fogarty
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Research Advisor &
Consulting Psychometrician
Carla Sorensen
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Director Assessment and R&D
Lois Bird
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RTO Coordinator
Bill Kerr not pictured
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IT Solutions Consultant
Pete Grzywacz
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Safety Culture Training Consultant

Carl Reams – Safety Culture PsychologistCarl Reams

Carl is an organisational psychologist and Managing Director of PaQS.

Carl has worked as a psychologist since 1976 in clinical, training, coaching and organisational

From 1994 Carl has consulted exclusively in safety psychology and assisted organisations to enhance, develop and modify their own workplace cultures.

Carl authored and developed the first psychologically based Australian nationally recognised courses
in Personal Safety Awareness and the Australian Safety Awareness and Organisational Safety culture psychometrics.

Carl is a member of psychological bodies in Australia and the USA and a former member of the
executive of the Australian Psychological Society (APS).

Carl's special area of interest is in cognition and what drives unsafe thinking (undeveloped psychological constructs and perceptions) that affect unsafe behaviour, human error and non-compliance issues.

Carl and PaQS assists organisations with the tools and training to assess, evolve and lead their own safety culture.

Carl has conducted numerous seminars and workshops on safety psychology and safety culture solutions to conferences and organisations.

Author and Developer:

  • Carl ReamsSafety Culture Management Psychology and Leadership Course
  • Managing, Leading and Coaching Safety Cultures Course
  • Advanced Safety Awareness Level 1 Online**
    • Apprentice 2010 (Aust) **
    • Rail Construction (Aust)**
    • Road Transport 2009 (Aust)**
    • Road Transport (NZ)- Road Transport (China/Asia) +
    • Energy Industry (NZ)- Mining Resources (Aust)**
    • All Industry - Generic 2008 (Aust)**
  • 10417NAT Course in Advanced Safety Awareness (2014) **
  • Course in Advanced Safety Awareness 2008 91437NSW **
  • Course in Advanced Safety & Quality Awareness 1996 90850NSW **

    ** Australian Competency accredited - nationally recognized
    + Strategic Partnered Development

Psychometric Assessments:Carl Reams

  • Australian Safety Awareness Training Survey (A-SATS)
  • Organisational Safety Culture Assessment (OSCA)
  • Recruit Safety Aware Focused Employees (R-SAFE)

Professional Associations/Education:

  • Registered Psychologist (AHPRA)
  • Australian Psychological Society (APS) since 1980
  • APS Executive Member 1989-90
  • American Psychological Assoc (APA) since 1978
  • MA Psychology CCSU, Texas 1976
  • BA Philosophy/Theology, Missouri 1974
  • BA Texas A&I, Texas (Oregon, Missouri) 1972

Military:Carl Reams

  • Trainer: Officers Infantry School Ga. US 1969-70
  • Personnel Organization
  • Deployment Management
  • Leadership Protocols
    • US ARMY 82nd Airborne Division
    • 505 Golden Brigade - Vietnam 1968-69
    • Paratrooper - combat team leader
    • Non-Commissioned Officer E-5

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Donna Reams

Donna Reams – Director Administration and Finance

Donna is an organisational psychologist and is co-owner of PaQS and Director of Finance and Administration.

Donna manages PaQS, coordinating all administrative departments and activities.

  • Oversees and manages the development of PaQS Psychometric Assessment Systems.
  • Provides training, registration and support client psychometric administrators and coordinators.
  • Directs all levels of training resource management for leadership and competency based training.

Donna is also involved with all aspects of product research, design, development and delivery.


  • Registered Psychologist (AHPRA)
  • Bachelor of Psychology with Honours
  • Assessor Skill Set (TAESS00001)
  • Health and Safety Representative
  • Qualified PaQS Safety Coach
  • Course in Advanced Safety and Quality Awareness Accreditation.

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Professor Gerard Fogarty -
Research Advisor & Consulting Psychometrician
Emeritus Professor, University of Southern Queensland

Gerry Fogarty is Professor of Psychology at the University of Southern Queensland.

Professor Fogarty is an expert, and PaQS Consultant, in multivariate statistics and psychometrics. His teaching areas include statistics, research methods, psychological assessment, history and systems of psychology, and human factors. He is the recipient of a national award for teaching excellence.

Much of Gerry’s research has an applied orientation and he collaborates extensively with clients such as the Australian Defence Force.

Professor Fogarty has published in journals such as Journal of Vocational Behaviour, Intelligence, and Personality and Individual Differences. He is the recipient of institutional awards for individual research excellence and also research supervision.

Gerry Fogarty

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Kate Olsen

Carla Sorensen - Director Assessment and R&D

Carla is the assessment and training developer and coordinator of:

  • Assessment validation
  • Customer support
  • Management of IT platforms
  • Reporting and statistical analysis
  • Training resource development and design
  • Research and development.


  • Bachelor of Education Studies Degree
    including Educational Psychology, Motivation and Emotion, Aboriginal Education, Special Education,
    Statistics and Research Methods, Math and Science.
  • Certificate IV in Training and Assessment (TAE40110)
  • Qualified PaQS Safety Coach
  • Course in Advanced Safety and Quality Awareness Accreditation.

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Lois Bird – RTO Coordinator

As PaQS RTO Coordinator, Lois is responsible for maintaining all aspects of the student record management system, including auditing (internal and external) student records, together with maintaining policies and procedures to ensure compliance with the NVR Standards. Lois also liaises with Safety Coaches to assist, when necessary, with any documentation required by PaQS. Lois is a qualified trainer/assessor and is the primary trainer/assessor for online ASA students as well as completing some face to face training during our Managing Leading Coaching Course.

Lois in Training


  • Diploma of Management
  • Diploma of Quality Auditing
  • Certificate IV in Training and Assessment (TAE40110)
  • Statement of Attainment: Analyse and apply sustainability to learning programs
  • Qualified PaQS Safety Coach
  • Course in Advanced Safety and Quality Awareness Accreditation.
Pete Grzywacz

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Bill Kerr - IT Solutions Consultant

Bill is the developer and head of technical support for PaQS' online assessment and E-Learning systems:

  • Online E-Learning mangement systems consultant
  • Online psychometric system developer
  • Custom Systems Support


  • Certificate IV in Programming
  • Certificate IV in Web Design and Development
  • Courses in AI Programming 1 & 2, Sociology; Critical Thinking

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Pete Grzywacz – Safety Culture Training Consultant

Pete assists organisations with safety culture training, planning and implementation.

Pete has been involved with training since 1995 as a contract trainer and consultant to industries, private training companies and Registered Training Organisations.

Pete has worked in the training and assessment industry with major national companies such as QR NATIONAL Coal in New South Wales and Queensland (now known as Aurizon), Rio Tinto, MARS group of companies, Veolia Environmental Services and internationally with Newcrest Mining Limited in Papua New Guinea (Lihir Island).

Pete in Training

Pete has extensive training in and trains Managing, Leading, AS&QA as well as qualifications in:

  • Post Graduate Certificate in Management (Learning) current study
  • Diploma of VET Registration and Management
  • Certificate IV in Training and Assessment (TAE40110)
  • Certificate IV in Frontline Management
  • Qualified PaQS Safety Coach
  • Health and Safety Representative
  • Course in Advanced Safety and Quality Awareness Accreditation.
Pete Grzywacz
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