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Stress Tolerance

From traffic to job stress to bills and family, most of us face many stressors throughout the day.

A stressful situation alters different functions in our bodies temporarily so we have a surge of adrenaline (jolt of energy) to use to either fight or run from the threat. When our body constantly thinks it is in danger, we end up more susceptible to illness.

The experience of all this stress, and the health problems that can result from it, can severely hinder our happiness. Fortunately, there are many simple ways to counteract your body's stress response so that your body has a chance to recover from daily stresses and you feel more at peace.

Stress is a human error contributor to many incidents. The stress of worry, tension or anger can lead to distraction, lack of concentration and fatigue. All people have differing degrees of stress at differing time in their lives.

People with lower Stress Tolerance attitudes are most at risk for stress related incidents.

People with more developed Stress Tolerance attitudes tend to:

  • Find it easier to relax and unwind
  • Be alert to unpredictable events
  • Be more tolerant of other people
  • Be more satisfied and content
  • Recover faster from stressful¬† events

Self-Assessment Activities - Be Stress Aware!

Think About: What are your stress triggers (when you have stress, what prompts it)?

  • external event
  • internal worry
  • other people¬†
  • other

How Stress Tolerance Are You? How do you avoid becoming stressed when provoked?

The first step in reducing stress is to know when and where your stress is coming from and how it affects you.

How to Develop Your Stress Tolerance Awareness

PaQS Stress Tolerance Check Stress Inventory (CSI) is a simple and quick way for you to assess your levels of stress.

  • Where does your stress come from?
  • How satisfied are you in each area of your life, as well as overall?

About the CSI

  • Five minute self-report survey
  • Immediate report - on screen only.
  • For your eyes only - no results stored, saved or sent.
  • No strings attached. No personal information required or recorded.

Please note the CSI is a simple guideline, it is your view of what you believe and how you feel. It is for your reference only and should not be used as professional advice on it's own. Where stress is severe or prolonged, consultation with a psychologist, counsellor or your doctor is recommended.

Higher or prolonged levels of stress in any area suggest further assessment to identify the types of stress.

PaQS has developed validated psychometric assessments and nationally accredited E- learning training courses to evolve safety thinking people and workplace culture. Click here for more information.


Click here to check your stress tolerance

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