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Is Workplace Stress Inevitable?

 Psychologists agree that it is normal to have stress but ... is avoidable stress costing you?

Because most stress is avoidable!

A recent Safe Work Australia study revealed that “stress” costs Australian workplaces $30 billion a year, half the total workplace injury bill. Stress is shown to be primarily responsible for absenteeism, sickness, fatigue, poor judgement leading to Lost Time Injuries and lower productivity.

While some workplaces can be stressful, a great deal of stress and the affect it has on people originates outside the workplace.

Wherever stress originates it is clear that some people are more susceptible because they have an undeveloped Stress Tolerance.

Stress Tolerant people know what stress actually is and how to minimize its affect on them personally. Anyone can develop the same abilities as people who work in the highest stress occupations (surgeons, emergency response teams, police and fire-fighters)

Stress Tolerance is not about managing, controlling or suppressing stress. Stress Tolerance is a learned cognitive skill.
Anyone can learn to minimize their stress and in many instances avoid it.

Stress Tolerance is one of five safety units in the new E-learning Course in Developing Personal Safety Awareness, from the Nationally Recognised competency based 10417NAT Course in Advanced Safety Awareness.

Stress Tolerance is a key element in all PaQS validated psychometic assessments and nationally accredited and non-accredited E- learning training courses to evolve safety thinking people and workplace culture. Click here for more information.

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